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We are a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the market, time in which we have dedicated ourselves to provide a service of the highest quality; always focusing on creating elegant spaces with that touch of personality that only wood can give. Our greatest commitment is with our clients and their homes.

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Get to know us a little more

Our Values


We take responsibility for the work delivered, guaranteeing a project of the highest quality and professionalism.

Customer Service

We offer unparalleled customer service, always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.


We use only the best products and techniques to guarantee a professional finish.


We adapt to your needs and budget, providing customized options for your project.

Why choose us?

Because we are the perfect choice for those who seek quality service, not to mention that our team of professionals are highly trained to adapt to all your needs and has:

Our different floors

Types of floors

Read oak floor

Red Oak floors are well-known for the strong wood graining pattern and knots that appear throughout the hardwood. You’ll see a variation of colors throughout the hardwood that offer undeniable character to your floors. The natural appearance of the wood makes this a perfect flooring option for households with kids and pets.

Cherry floors

Elegant and with a reddish hue that adds a touch of warmth to any room. In addition, cherry is stain and wear resistant, making it ideal for high traffic areas.


They have a unique pattern with variations of color and textures, providing distinction to the space where you want to install them, additionally, they can have different finishes, ideal for homeowners looking for a personalized look in their homes.


A resistant, versatile and affordable material that gives your spaces the magic you desire. With the right care, pine floors will accompany you for years without losing their beauty.

White oak flooring

White Oak hardwood flooring is quite durable. When it comes to determining resistance to indentations and dings, this wood is used as the benchmark of which all other hardwoods are compared -- it's the industry standard. White Oak then is great for high-traffic areas; holds up well to daily wear and tear


Its color will illuminate the space where you want to install it, on the other hand, its manufacturing material requires little maintenance, besides it does not have a special treatment. Maple floors are ideal to optimize your life and enjoy it with your family.


The manufacturing material is recommended for high traffic areas, in which it will decorate to perfection with the mix of its warm colors, also, it resists humidity, insects and is low maintenance, practicality is magic!

Dark Walnut

Its color provides warmth, elegance and luxury, it is ideal for high traffic areas as it is a hardwood, it is also one of the most practical materials as it does not require specific maintenance.

Get to know us a little more

We have two lines of attention so that together we can transform your house into a harmonious home.

We will schedule a visit to your place of residence to show you different types of wood or designs, as well as their prices. Choose the one you like the most!

It’s time to relax and wait for the team to install the hardwood floors for your dream home.

Now that your dreams have come true, we guarantee that our hardwood floors will be with you for a long time to come, making this the best place to be.